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Coaching The Art & Science Webinar Series

December 20, 2020

Swimming Coaching is both an Art and a Science. by Wayne Goldsmith

Whilst the art of coaching is the driving force - the inspiration - the connection between coaches and athletes, it is the appropriate application of sports science that is critical to the success of the swimmer. In short, when it comes to the science of swimming, it is knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it that makes all the difference. In this series, we will discuss some of the most important elements of the science of swimming. See Web series information in attached poster

1.Planning and periodization methodologies
2. Athlete testing and evaluation
3. Training load measurement, monitoring and management and ..
4. The application of sports science in workout design and training program development.

This series is a recommended for all coaches working with swimmers who are preparing swimmers for regional level / national level championships.

Prior registration is MUST – for Registrations use links given below:

1. Webinar #1 : 23 Dec 2020 – link
2. Webinar #2: 06 Jan 2021- link
3. Webinar #3 13 Jan 2021- link
4. Webinar #4 20 Jan 2021 - link
5. Webinar #5 27 Jan 2021 – link


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