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Wayne Goldsmith Webinar

December 03, 2020

Wayne Goldsmith talks on one of the major factors behind peak performance in sports. Join on 6th December 11:00 am by registration only. Click on this link to register.

Motivation & Swimmers – Targeted for Swimmers Pursuing Peak Performance “Swimmers are the most remarkable people on earth “.. Wayne Goldsmith

06 Dec’ 20 11:00 AM – by registration only. Registration link

Wayne Goldsmith is one of the most sought after speakers globally on development of swimming, coach education for transforming how coaching is delivered for the success of young athletes.

Swimmers at all levels and across all con1nents are dealing with self doubt and concerns on where they are in rela1on to their compe11on coming out of the COVID lockdown. Even in normal 1mes athletes across all sports go through phases of peak performance and poor performance. What keeps them going ? What sets apart the TOP performers from the others?

Motivaton – Inspiraton – Fire in the Belly ? What is it &Where does it come from ?

In this webinar learn how top performing athletes deal with these issues from one of the top speakers on the subject.


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