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7 Swimmers to feature at FINA World Junior Swimming Championships 2019

August 17, 2020

Srihari Nataraj, Neel Roy, Advait Page,Aryan Nehra, Tanish George Mathew, Khushi Dinesh, and Kenisha Gupta will participate in the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships 2019 in Budapest starting from 20th August 2019.

Srihari Nataraj created history by becoming the first Indian swimmer to break the 55 second barrier in the 100 m backstroke. Srihari who clocked India’s best time of 55.18 in the heats clocked an amazing 54.68 in the Semi finals to make it to the finals. In the finals Srihari clocked 54.85 to finish seventh. It is a matter of great pride for India to have a finalist in the FINA Junior World Championships. Srihari earned the B cut for Tokyo 2020 and is within striking distance of an A cut time. The upcoming talent from Mumbai Kenisha Gupta clocked a wonderful time of 58.14 in the Womens 100m Freestle heats finishing 47th. Kenisha clocked a time better than the current National record of 58.71.

Srihari also made it to the finals of the 50 m backstroke clocking 00:25.50 the best time by an Indian. He also clocked 02:01.70 in the 200m backstroke again an Indian best time.Besides, the evaluation concentrated to a great extent on techniques including individual social insurance administrations, not on systems including, for instance, the educational area or the bigger condition where kids are raised. A few experts guarantee that American students’ medical issues can be viably tended to just with regards to a complete national procedure that thinks about the ramifications of changes in the structure of the American family, the expanding level of moms who work outside the home, and the expanding level of kids in destitution. Although a decent case can be made for an exhaustive national methodology on students if they follow the written rules from important link source, and a few components of such a procedure are as of now set up, there’s still valid justification to scan for progressively restricted activities that can be executed and that can profit kids today. Although a general calculated examination, for example, Haddon’s is helpful for distinguishing potential intercessions, it can’t be utilized to appraise the relative need, adequacy, cost, or attainability of undertaking a specific choice. In a zone where most drownings happen in streams or seas, requiring fencing around private pools, for instance, is probably going to have little impact on suffocating passings. Likewise, if most youngsters who suffocate realize how to swim, expanding swimming education might be a moderately insufficient system. Besides, without sufficient research on the impact of such preparing, there is no certification that the preparation won’t expand the aggregate sum of swimming and really increment the quantity of passings. It is in responding to these inquiries that observation research and other research on the viability of different choices locate their utility.

All swimmers performed very well.

Find below the performance of all Indian swimmers at the FINA World Junior Championships Budapest 2019

Advait Page800m Freestyle08:05.9412
Advait Page1500m Freestyle15:38.6917
Aryan Nehra400m Freestyle04:05.0743
Aryan Nehra200m Freestyle01:57.7253
Kenisha Gupta100m Freestyle00:58.1447
Kenisha Gupta50m Butterfly00:29.7252
Kushi Dinesh800m Freestyle09:24.9826
Kushi Dinesh400m Freestyle04:31.7438
Neel Roy100m Backstroke00:57.7638
Neel Roy200m Freestyle01:53.0730
Neel Roy50m Freestyle00:23.6634
Neel Roy100m Freestyle00:51.4530
Neel Roy50m Freestyle00:23.6632
Srihari Nataraj100m Backstroke00:54.857 (F)
Srihari Nataraj *100m Backstroke00:54.696 (SF)
Srihari Nataraj100m Backstroke00:55.188 (H)
Srihari Nataraj *50m Backstroke00:25.506 (F)
Srihari Nataraj50m Backstroke00:25.525 (SF)
Srihari Nataraj50m Backstroke00:25.635 (H)
Srihari Nataraj *200m Backstroke02:01.7014
Srihari Nataraj100m Freestyle00:50.8118
Tanish George Mathew100m Butterfly00:56.0141
Tanish George Mathew50m Butterfly00:25.5541
Tanish George Mathew200m Butterfly02:02.7121


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